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M2 MacbookAir available to order and surprise: throttling if doing intense work!

M2 Macbook Air Laptop Dispaly
Apple M2 MacbookAir in Midnight

Apple finally releases the M2 MacbookAir for order on July 8th, 2022.

While I tend to recommend when buying a model like this, to get the most ram you can afford, because you cannot upgrade it later. And storage. This model offers a dual USB charger so you can charge a phone AND the M2 MBA.

And surprise: while I have one on order, I noticed that on twitter, there are comments that doing some rather non-typical editing of 8K video files, the processor is designer to throttle down for thermal protection.

Personally, if you are doing editing, really, you need to use a Pro model. The MacbookAir is a “notebook” for lightweight use. Step up to the 14″ Pro…which soon should see an M2 revision.