Monthly Archives: November 2020

iOS 14.1 to iOS 14.2 a whopping 4.8GB

Apple has updated the iOS 14 again (first it was 14 then 14.1 with important bug fixes, and now 14.2…all within less than 60 days).

14.2 security changes (note, you can’t download the update, but have to use over the air, or iTunes to install).

There are a host of new features like Intercom, new Emoji, Music Recognition, Optimization of AirPod Charging, improvement to new Ipad-Air camera features, Apple Watch App changes, Applecard update and new wallpapers…personally, I just want to know why my iPhone has to have Privacy off for wifi network at work (Aruba networks Access Points) as it was fine prior to iOS14 and now, is it Aruba needing patch or Apple making changes without notification…again.

One more thing, it took over 30 mins to update! Do NOT do an update unless you can spare 1/2hr or more…!